Good morning, Charlotte

It is amazing to me how, when I am finally willing to state an intention, desire, or need out loud, how quickly it is addressed.  (My yoga teacher would say “manifested”; I’ll let you decide on the semantics with which you are most comfortable.)

As I reflect back on my day today to select an item that made me “pause, blink, grin”, there are literally no less than 20 different items I could write about here.  Little moments where I stopped for a beat, then smiled.  Where I noticed something cool, something different, something special.  Maybe I was just more aware today, knowing that I wanted to post something this evening; so I paid extra-close attention to things around me.  Or, maybe more cool little things actually came my way these past 15 hours…Who could say?  All I know for certain right now is that this is a very lovely “dilemma” to have.

So… I’m going with the primacy effect, and am selecting the very first item that came my way.

6 am.  I just finished getting ready for work, and am loaded down with bags (work bag, lunch bag, and purse).  I walk to my car (in our garage), keys in my hand, and am struggling to open the trunk and simultaneously balance the bags, the cell phone, the water bottle… I really just need more hands.  But I do get the trunk open, and start placing individual items in the nice empty space; and realize I’ve almost run into something.

A small (non-scary) spider had dropped down a single line of its silk, and was scrambling to race back up it as I approached.  Okay, normal, whatever.  But, get this: As I realized the spider was there (and paused my bag arrangement to look at it), it stopped, and just hung there, right in the middle of its strand.  And while I couldn’t see more than its outline, I swear that spider was looking at me.  If it had language skills, I would have expected it to sit down with a cup of coffee and ask me how my weekend was. It stopped long enough that I was able to put my bags in my car, turn on my iPhone, access the camera function, and snap several pictures:

(National Geographic I am not, but hopefully you get the idea.)

Crazy.  Wild.  Cool.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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