Listen to the smiley

My yoga studio is in an old warehouse building that has five different floors.  A variety of businesses and groups occupy space in the structure; on the third floor is a vending area that serves all of the tenants.

There are five different vending machines, each offering a variety of options.  Some options are “healthier” than others (though I use that term semi-loosely).  For example:



Apparently the vending folks wanted to help consumers identify better-for-the-body choices; so they added a happy little face to the healthier options:

Aw, cute!

But, the vending folks must have run out of decent fare to provide; and so they tried to strip the “better-for-you” identifier from the “less-healthy” foods.  (Click on the picture below to enlarge it, and get a good feel for it.)

And what cracks me up about this is that the smiley face is only partially removed; it’s as though I can really experience the pain and suffering these foods inflict.

The smiley is a warning, my friends.  And I simultaneously shook my head and laughed by the irony of all of this.

Good times.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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