Concrete contentment

I’ll be honest – I just didn’t want to go to work today.

I had a slight headache.  (Slight.)  It was dark out.  And raining.  I could be just as productive if I worked from my house, and I wouldn’t lose time commuting through traffic…  I could offer a plethora of reasons and justifications as to why it would make sense for me to stay at home, but mostly, I just didn’t “feel” like going to work.  I just don’ wanna go!

What am I, two years old?

I took a big breath, let it out with an exaggerated sigh, “put on my big-girl panties” (as a friend likes to say), sucked it up, and got in my car.  Drove to the city.  Parked.  Started walking to my building.  Going to work.

After I past the first block towards the office, I had a little coaching session with myself.  “Stef”, I began, “if you retain this attitude, today is going to be a long day.  A long day.  A llllooooonnnngggg day.  So. How about you find something – anything – that will help turn this attitude around.  Okay?”

So I started looking for today’s smile extra-early.  And not five minutes later, I found it.

I was walking in the skyway, shielded from the rain, protected from the wind, half-heartedly looking out the glass barrier, when suddenly the top of a skyscraper came into view.  Most of the interior floors were illuminated, and the contrast of the light of the building against the still-dark early-morning sky struck me.  It looked cool, and interesting, and soothed me.  I paused.  I looked.  I smiled.

I took a picture.  (Two, actually.)

Awesome – 6:15 am, and I have my smile for the day.  Sweet!

But, the story doesn’t end here.  Fast forward to 9 am.

I’m sitting in my office, very much over my earlier internal temper tantrum, clicking away on my computer.  An email arrives in my inbox. I open it.

The message is from my coworker, who tells me that she reads this blog every day (aw, sweetie!), and that she likes the items I post (yay!!).  She then tells me about a smile moment *she* had this morning: She was stopped at a light downtown, and looked over to the car in the next lane.  She saw a baby in the backseat, totally mesmerized by all of the skyscrapers.  My friend was amused by the kiddo, so she waved; and received a HUGE baby-bliss smile in return.  Wow.

I then got to share with my coworker that *I* was also mesmerized by the skyscrapers this morning, and showed her the picture I took.  And gave her big smile, too.

Talk about a “coincidence”.

Today’s a great day after all.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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One Response to Concrete contentment

  1. bendedspoon says:

    the attitude i likey
    you got me smiling today
    for i see you in me.
    there’s indeed a reason for everything
    if not for your ‘not liking’ your work
    we won’t have this smile right now.
    who knows, someone
    might be smiling too for us
    way up up those skycrapers?
    oh i know


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