They get knocked down…

This spring, my husband and I had the entry way of our home re-landscaped.  Among the many changes we made was the removal of 5 overgrown bushes, and the installation of a variety of cute little flowering plants in that space.  I was very pleased with the results – until a family of rabbits decided to use the new foliage as their personal vegetable garden, and chewed many of the plants down to their nubs.  Aaarrrggggg!

My husband did eventually install a rabbit-proof fence around the landscaping, but by then significant damage was done.  I was disappointed.  Brand-new landscaping, and I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it.  I wrote the nubbed plants off as dead; in my mind there was no way they would be able to recover from such extensive trauma.  Gggggrrrrr…

Surprisingly, as the spring and summer passed, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, the mangled plants began to grow once again.  They were scrappy, but they *were* growing.  Hmm.

Well. As I was cooking dinner this evening, I glanced out the kitchen window, and noticed tiny little purple spots on the once-nubbed plants.  Oh no, what now?  Some sort of insect or pest infestation?  These plants have had such a tough go; come on already!

I went outside to investigate.  I saw some of the plants had small, round, hard growths on the end of their stems.  Uh oh.  Fungus?  Infection?  Some sort of mildew?

I looked closer; and saw that some of the plants had tiny little buds instead of small hard growths.

Then, one plant showed me the full story:

A flower.

These ravaged, beat-down plants not only survived, but thrived; and produced lovely purple flowers – new life – at precisely the time of year when so many living things are coming to the end of their existence.

And I thought the plants didn’t have a chance – ha!  Looks like I get to try and see the strength in those things that might appear to be weak; some are much more resilient than I give them credit for.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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