Polite vandalism

Growing up, my friends (and my “friends”) knew better than to T.P. my parent’s house.  As adult property owners, I feel fortunate that the kids (and the younger adults) in our neighborhood are quite respectful: in the 8 years my sweetie and I have lived in our home, we have never been the victims of vandalism – including the minor (yet majorly annoying) act of having toilet paper streamers hang from our trees.  [It probably also helps that a cop lives three doors down from us.]

However, some of my neighbors are not so lucky.  While TP’ing doesn’t occur too frequently in our area, it does happen on occasion (usually at Halloween, and around high school graduation).

Today I got to go for a walk outside today; and as I was enjoying the sunshine, I noticed something on one of the windows of a car parked outside.  I felt my heart sink a little; seeing vandalism (even banal, petty stuff like TP) makes me sad.  But as I got closer to the car, I noticed the details of the “vandalism” – and then I smiled.

Cute, sweet, and easy clean-up.  A kind twist on a Halloween “classic” – I love it.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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