I heart…

I have adhered to a vegetarian diet for over a year now.  When people first learn about my eating habits, they are often quite curious, and many ask questions – which is totally fine, I’m happy to answer any questions that are asked with sincerity and genuine interest.  Often times I eat lunch with my peers at work, so they are used to seeing the various non-meat items I bring to the office for my meals.  I am sometimes asked what specific items are, and what they taste like, and what the texture is like; and so I describe the different items as best I can.

This afternoon, one of my peers sent me a message that said, “So I tried ‘chicken-less’ chicken because I heart my friend Stef.  And well, I have learned that I also heart real chicken. But thought I would share that you inspired me to try something new… I stood at the meatless freezer and thought Stef this is for you!”

When I read this message, I was *delighted!* that one of my peers 1) was curious enough to try a category of food that many people find intimidating, unappealing, and/or uninteresting; 2) was “inspired” by me to try anything I do, period! [what an amazing compliment, that the life I live might encourage someone else to try something different, even just once]; and 3) was comfortable enough with me to tell me what she honestly thought [the “I also heart real chicken” line cracked me up!].  Indeed, as I read her note, I laughed out loud; she *totally* made me smile today.

Thanks lady!!  I heart you, too.  😉



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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