Not to be mistaken for some other fruit

Our household’s monthly Consumer Reports magazine arrived in the mail today; and on the back page of each issue are “bloopers” (usually from print media) that readers send in.  Often I smile at these little snippets, and sometimes I even chuckle; but tonight I laughed out loud at one of them.  It read:

True, this is an accurate description of bananas.  It’s perhaps a bit bizarre to include such text on an ad for bananas, but it is factual nonetheless.

So why did I laugh?  Because my mind began to imagine what the behind-the-scenes business conversation might have been around writing this ad’s copy.

I appreciated this small bit of levity in my Monday.  Sometimes random little things really can have a fun impact.  : )



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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4 Responses to Not to be mistaken for some other fruit

  1. Cailin says:

    Super funny! 🙂


  2. bendedspoon says:

    i see a yellow curved smile
    similar to your banner


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