A lazy day

Sunday.  It’s kind of cold outside, and kind of snowy.  And it’s kind of windy, and kind of gray.

And I’m kind of sad, and kind of numb, and kind of lethargic.  It’s a whole big day of not-much-of-anything; yet it’s also a little day of a-lot-of-big-things.

But mostly, I’m grateful.  I get to sit with my sweetie on our couch, and zone out to football.  And we get to talk, and share stories, and remember.  And we get to hug, and cry, and sigh; and feel the love of all of the amazing people in our lives.  We get to reflect, and ponder, and feel.  We get to feel supported by our families and our friends, and we get to support one another.  And we get to let ourselves be supported.

So I sit, nestled next to my sweetie, feeling his warmth, and his breath.  Letting the big guys on the TV set carry a ball, run, and fall.  Feeling okay with inactivity, and with zoning out.  Adjusting.  Just taking it all in.  And faintly smiling at my wonderful good fortune in this life.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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