When it rains, it pours

Often (usually?) people approach that phrase with a pessimistic outlook; as in, “Man, tons of bad stuff keeps happening to me – when will I catch a break?!”  Yes, I have had a difficult few days lately; but today, I was showered with amazing goodness.  Let’s review:

6:45 am: I arrived to work, and found a card placed on my keyboard.

It was from a colleague/friend, thanking me for working with her on a project last week.  The words she wrote were thoughtful and kind; and she also included a gift card to a well-known coffee house.  She certainly didn’t have to do any of this; and I deeply appreciate her generosity.

7:03 am: Another coworker/friend stopped by my office, and placed a gift in my hands.

She told me (and the note also says) “Don’t open this here; wait until you get home.”

Oooohhh, a surprise!  I like surprises.  I thanked *her* for her kindness, and slid the package into my bag.  Fun.

8:34 am: Yet a third coworker/friend walked past my desk, and announced that she had something for me.  Interesting…. What could it be?

I laughed out loud.  Yesterday (at least, I think it was yesterday; maybe it was last week?  I can’t remember…) this co-worker brought in this very same item for herself, and showed it to one of our peers.  The peer didn’t know what it was; but I sure did!  And I commented, and recited a few lines from the movie.  Apparently that stuck out to my co-worker, and so voila – she gave a copy of the item to me.  Again, what thoughtfulness, and kindness, and consideration.  I am surrounded by amazing people.

2:07 pm: I met up with another friend at work; and he told me about several very positive (and somewhat overdue) events that are occurring in his life – and I got to share in his excitement and delight.  I adore when good things finally come to fruition for people I care about.  Awesome!

6:11 pm: My sweetie got home from work, and he watched me while I opened the gift from the 7:03 am friend:

And we were both truly touched.

Seriously, today was a pile-up of goodness.  I am a very lucky, blessed gal.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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2 Responses to When it rains, it pours

  1. Katie says:

    There’s a reason you attract such thoughtful and considerate people. 😉 Thanks for sharing your day.


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