A change in plans

Today didn’t exactly go according to plan.  I woke up feeling pretty sick (just a tough cold, but enough to leave me feeling quite stuffed up, run down, and in some pain), so I didn’t have the energy I would have liked to share with my family (whom I only get to visit a few times each year).  We had all planned on an afternoon outing at a local casino, but when we got there we couldn’t find a table with a reasonable minimum, so that plan was a bust, too.  We had also planned to have dinner at the casino after we had played cards for a while; but no play meant no dinner at that location.  Okay, no problem; we decided to adjust our plans, and just rent a movie on the way home. (That way I could rest, yet everyone could still be somewhat entertained.). But when we got to the video store, the clerk couldn’t find the family account in the system…

So today was a day where what was expected wasn’t what was experienced.  And yet, my family (and I) all just went with the flow.  We stayed loose and shifted plans as needed; we smiled instead of sighed; and we appreciated time together above all else.  When the big event of the night turned out to be a take-out meal eaten around the dining room table, we just shrugged our shoulders and passed the potatoes.  And I delighted in simply being with my family, “flawed” day and all.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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