Um… surprise?

This evening I got home from work, and immediately went upstairs to our bedroom to change out of work clothes and into “play” clothes – when I heard knocking and rustling at the front door.  Strange…the house was still dark, so who could want to see us?  It didn’t look like anyone was even home yet…  I quickly threw on a sweatshirt and pants, and rushed down the stairs to the entryway.  Slightly out of breath, I opened the front door – and a gas company attendant was standing on the front step, already holding the screen door open, waiting for me.

“Hello,” she said, wiping her feet on the welcome mat, and leaning forward to enter our threshold.

“Um… hi…,” I said, not moving from the door frame – literally blocking her entry with my body.

My refusal to yield took her aback, and she looked at me somewhat tersely and scornfully.  She wrinkled her nose, crinkled her eyebrows in disapproval, narrowed her eyes, and cocked her head just a titch.

I looked back at her with surprise, curiosity, openness – and determination.  Still not moving an inch from the door.

A millisecond later, her expression changed completely.  She looked at me, and then said, a little softly, “You’re not expecting me, are you?”

“Nope.”  I responded honestly and solidly, but also calmly and peacefully.

“Oh.”  She looked down at her paperwork, and paused.  “Um, I think I’m at the wrong house.”  She paused again.  “Um, sorry.”  She looked at me.

I smiled.  “No problem,” I responded, still standing in the doorway.

“Oh. Okay.”  And she slowly backed away from the door a few feet before turning around to walk down the driveway to her van.

I watched her enter her company vehicle, then drive away.  Only then did the bizarreness of the situation hit me; and I chuckled at what a random occurrence this really was – interestingly packaged in a similarly random day.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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