Snow support

Yesterday the city got hit with a slow-but-steady snow storm; by rush hour the streets were difficult to drive, and traffic was treacherous. But my sweetie had an event he had committed to attend, so he spent four hours on the road (two hours each way); and got home last night very, very late.

This morning I had an event to attend. Happily, the freeways were decently clear, and the side streets were passable (when driven with care). But our driveway was a different story – the snow was deep and heavy. As I made my way towards the front door, I found a note my sweetie had written the night before, which read: “If the plow blocks you in, let me know and I’ll dig you out.”

What an amazingly thoughtful man. At 8 am I did gently wake him; and though he had only had five hours sleep by that point, he got out of the nice warm bed, put on a hat and coat, braved the cold morning, and spent a significant amount of time clearing the driveway for me.

For me.  My sweetie gives me beautiful acts of support often; and he gives them to me so freely; and they delight me every single time.  That small note, and the following larger act of follow-up, put an even bigger smile on my face this morning.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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