Pen pals

This morning I connected with a colleague and friend, and she and I talked about a wide variety of topics.  At one point in our chat we discussed writing instruments, specifically pens.  (There really is a logical path we took to get to this seemingly obscure/bizarre conversation topic, but the discussion trail was semi-long and windy, so I’ll spare you the details.  If you really want to know, leave a comment and I’ll expound.)  Anyway, it turns out both she and I are a little persnickety about our pens – and she found a gem of a writing tool.  She explained that the pen she likes has a super-fine point (which I also like), writes in heavy/almost permanent ink (another bonus), and doesn’t smear (a trifecta!).  I got the details of the brand and style from her, and was excited to shop the store this weekend and try out the cool new device. (Geek alert.  Whatever.)

After our conversation ended, I headed to a morning of meetings; and when I returned to my desk hours later, there sat one of the pens my friend had described.  I wrote a sample sentence on a scrap piece of paper, and it was glorious. (The pen, not the sentence.)  I went to my friend’s desk, pen in hand, and thanked her for letting me take it for a test drive.  I then moved to give her back her pen, and she said, “Oh, no, keep it.  You can have it.  And in fact, here are a few more pens [different colors and styles] I like that you may want to try.  Go ahead and take these, too.”  I left her office with four new pens.

(I received 2 blue pens, hence only 3 in the picture.)

This small act of kindness put a beautiful polish to my morning.  It’s not that the pens are so amazing (they are just pens, after all; I’m picky, not psychotic); it’s that my friend 1) thought of me, and 2) made an extra effort to share something with me.  It’s not the pens themselves that made me smile, it’s what the pens represent.  I’m always truly touched when someone makes an effort to do something special for me, or share a kindness with me – no matter how “small” the item.

Though the pens are pretty cool.  🙂




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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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8 Responses to Pen pals

  1. jodi says:

    that’s so sweet! my co-workers and i are a little pen crazy, too. pilot easy touch? i’ll have to check it out. my current favorites are the pilot precise grip extra fine point and the sharpie fine point pen (not marker). =)


  2. Stef says:

    The red one is more the near-marker consistency; it’s terrific.

    I didn’t know Sharpie made a fine point pen; I’ll have to check that out! (I’ve been using fine-tip Sharpie markers, but they can bleed through a wee bit too easily for me…)


  3. Katie says:

    YES; YES; Stef, these are my favorite pens! If only I knew how much you loved good writing equipment!

    Agreed; sharpie fine point pens are fab too. 😉

    Uni-ball VISION fine point writes nice but takes a long time to dry (smudges easy), but is waterproof and fade-proof.


    • Stef says:

      Katie, I’m a sucker for office supplies in general; but truly, quality pens and wonderful stationary are my two big weaknesses. 🙂

      I have used Uni-ball pens before; but they smear too easily for me.


  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Shell game, Stef — which of the three pens is the REALLY COOL one she first talked about? I’m another pen nut. Current faves are uni-ball Signo bit 0.7 and uni-ball vision needle — but I’m always searching for the PERFECT pen. (Those smear.) Is the red liquid-Expresso THE one?
    Yes, the kindness is heart-warming. But the pen, the pen……!


    • Stef says:

      Judith, yup, the red liquid-expresso is *the* one. I have been a uni-ball user in the past, but like you, I find the uni-balls smear too easily for me.

      Kindness, schmindness – gimme the office supplies!

      (Totally kidding…) 😉


  5. Stef,

    I finally am having time to comment on this blog. It gave me, and left me with, a “SmileKiddo” moment for two reasons:

    1.) I love it when people share just because they can and it offers warmth and happiness to the receiver.
    2.) Your title brought back a rush of memory from the good old days of having actual pen pals. You brought some of those old friends to my mind!

    Thanks for brightening my day!



    • Stef says:

      Tara, as I crafted the title for this post, I was also reminded of a few actual pen-pals I had back in the day. (Sixth grade, one from England and one from France.)

      I’m delighted I could help brighten your day! 🙂



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