Post-shopping smiles

This morning I went on the weekly grocery run for our household. When I returned from the store and unloaded the goodies, I encountered an item that caused me to stop, pause, and chuckle.

As I put away some food items in the pantry, my hand reached into the grocery bag – and pulled out an automatically-generated coupon that the cashier had dropped into the sack:

(you can click on this image to make it larger)

When my eyes met the phrase “Big G cereals” (under the word “off” on the coupon), my neurons fired in an interesting way, and my mind said, “Yo yo yo, Big G is in da HOUSE!” My mind then quickly envisioned a stereotypical male rapper, all decked out in bling, pushing a cereal line. “Wazzup homies who like honeycombs! Don’t be hatin’ with the milk, a-right? Give it up for granola, yo!” My mind entertained me for a good 5-10 seconds; and I just laughed at my own silliness.

Peace out peeps.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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