Bizarre breakfast? Or normal nutrition?

“Did you just put a banana in the microwave?”

Yes. Yes I did.


I’m a pretty healthy eater.  Okay, I’m a very healthy eater.  I don’t feel good when I don’t eat well (both physically and mentally), so I do my best to avoid unhealthy food and food ingredients – things like high fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings, trans fats… ingredients and foods that just aren’t very kind to a body and mind.

For breakfast, I often eat yogurt.  Because of the chemicals and sugar added to most flavored yogurts, I buy plain yogurt, and then add fruit to give it taste (so that it’s not just “plain”).  Sometimes I add berries, sometimes I add melon, and sometimes I add banana.

Because it’s just my sweetie and I who live in our house, on occasion food will ripen faster than the two of us can eat it.  When bananas turn “past their prime” (i.e., are riddled with large dark blemishes and are no longer consumable in conventional peel-and-eat style), I will put them in the freezer, and then use them as my yogurt addition. This is where the microwave comes into play.

See, if the banana is frozen, and I don’t want to wait for an hour for it to thaw so that I can eat it, I will just pop the top stem off of the banana, place the frozen fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds, and voila! Instant flavor add-in.  (And yes, it is very important to remove the top of the stem from the banana before microwaving it; the stem dries out in the freezer, and if not removed before subjecting the fruit to the micro waves, the stem will actually catch on fire.  Which isn’t good.  I speak from personal experience.  But I digress.)

So this morning I was at work, putting my breakfast together in the break area, when a colleague walked by.  Okay, it was my boss’s boss.  Whatever.

I had just placed my frozen banana in the microwave (stem removed), pressed the “20 second” button, and hit “Start” when my colleague/boss’s boss stopped in the doorway of the break room, looked at me quizzically, and asked me in a slightly-concerned, slightly-disbelieving tone, “Did you just put a banana in the microwave?”

Now, I do this behavior all of the time.  Seriously.  I eat frozen-banana-yogurt at least once a week, if not more.  For me, microwaving a banana is as normal as microwaving popcorn; I don’t even think twice about it.  But when my colleague/boss’s boss asked the question, and did so with a tenor of “I-don’t-think-I-know-what-to-make-of-this”, I realized that without some of the back story, yeah, I guess it could seem a little “odd” to microwave a banana.

And it was her reaction to my action that caused me to chuckle.  I quickly explained that there really *was* logic behind what I was doing (I am nothing if not a logical person – and everyone I work with knows this); and she kind of smiled, kind of nodded her head, and kind of backed out of the break room – in a “no sudden moves” fashion.

Which made me smile all the more.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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6 Responses to Bizarre breakfast? Or normal nutrition?

  1. Touch2Touch says:

    A neat funny story that comes at a great time — breaking the tension waiting for the next major snowstorm. Maybe if the storm gets really bad — I’ll microwave a banana! And smile. Thanks, Stef


    • Stef says:

      There’s lots of good things you can do with a microwave; especially in a snow storm. 🙂 Popcorn is an obvious choice; but I’ve also done smores in the microwave (10-15 seconds with just 1 graham cracker & chocolate chips; then add 1 marshmallow, and go another 5-10 seconds. The mallow gets HUGE – then collapses when you stop the microwave. Pretty cool…), and “mug cake”, and of course cocoa….


  2. JaxieCat says:

    Stef- Your stories are wonderful. Your microwaving frozen bananas inspires me. I will never lose another banana! On the yogurt, have you tried Greek Style yogurt? Since my discovery of it, I use it with/in everything imaginable. Smoothies, gravies, pancakes, potatoes, if it comes to mind, I try to add it somehow. My concoctions often get the strangest of faces from onlookers. I eat oatmeal with pepper, or ginger (not at the same time) instead of adding sugary sweet things. My latest evening treat on a cold night is to add cayenne pepper and a dash of salt to the yogurt. The warmth of it is comforting as I slip under the covers.


    • Stef says:

      Thanks Jaxie! Yes, I am a *big* fan of Greek yogurt (Fage all the way). My full breakfast is usually Greek yogurt + cottage cheese + fruit (sometimes the afore-mentioned thawed banana) + cereal + chopped nuts, all mixed together. Yum! 🙂


  3. kolembo says:

    funny. really enjoying your blog.


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