Cold hands, cold toes, cold nose; warm heart

At 7 am today the outdoor air temperature was negative 19 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 28 degrees Celsius).  This was the actual, literal, “for real” temperature.  The warmest the air got today was 4 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 15 degrees Celsius) – and that was at 4 pm.  Despite the bitter, biting, cruel cold (or perhaps because of it?), my day was filled with small gratitudes, including:

  • my car starting on the first try, and running all day long.
  • the garage door opening after only two false starts.
  • I have a well-built, structurally sound home that can handle tough winds.
  • I have a warm home to live in; and that I can afford to heat it to a comfortable temperature – even on these wicked cold days.
  • I have access to as much hot tea and coffee as my stomach (and bladder) can handle.
  • my job doesn’t require me to be exposed to this difficult weather.

And I suspect I could keep this list going; but for now, this is enough to get me smiling.  : )



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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6 Responses to Cold hands, cold toes, cold nose; warm heart

  1. I guess I should feel slightly silly then that at 5 this afternoon my neighbor brought out a space heater and plugged it in, so we could stay outside and keep chatting without freezing. I mean it was down to 62, so I am sure that you can feel a little pity for me!! I know, I have turned into such a weather wimp! Lol..

    I will send you some warm thoughts!




    • Stef says:

      Tara, temperatures are all relative… but yeah, “cold” at 62 degrees is kind of weak. 😉 I’ll take any source of warmth you’re willing to send my way! I especially like warm thoughts. 🙂



  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Bah, humbug, both you kiddos. Negative 10 on the “warmer” back thermostat this am. I’ve had it, mesdames. But Stef, where did you get the wonderful photo! THAT made me smile. So thanks.


    • Stef says:

      Oh, come on now; -10 ain’t so bad… right now we are up to a whopping -2 in full sun. 😉 I found the picture on Google images, compliments of someone’s Flickr stream. (Search word: bundled up) They’re cool. 🙂


  3. Paula says:

    You know, I get a goofball award for yesterday’s comment. You came to the polariod site and not the picklebump site (like you I maintain multiple blogs). My inner goofball also really like the little figurines with the crocheted scarves and hats 😀


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