Mr. Knox? Tricky fox? Whose socks?

This morning as I entered the floor of my office building, I walked by a window that I pass multiple times a day – and paused.  On the window ledge was a sock.

Now, there really could be a number of reasons why this sock was there.  My guess is that someone dropped it, and a little while later someone else saw it, and put the sock on the window ledge so that the owner might see it and collect it.  True, how a sock lands on the floor of an office building in the first place is a little perplexing; but I have a few plausible theories.  I do live and work in a cold climate – so it might be that someone was changing socks and shoes to go home one day (changing out of dress shoes and into boots, for example), and the sock fell out of a briefcase.  The office building I work in is also near a gym, so it could also be that someone was headed to an exercise class after work, and again, changed socks and shoes (this time from dress shoes to running shoes, as an example), and the sock fell out of a bag.  And there might even be one or two more feasible, rational explanations as to how a sock landed on the floor of the office (though I’m hard pressed to think of many more right now; but still, they could exist…) – but the bigger point is that this is what I saw today: a sock on the windowsill.

And yet, that’s not all.  What caught my eye this morning wasn’t just the sock – it was the surrounding context that the sock was in.  Have a peek:

(you can click on this image to make it larger)

These notes are what made me smile this morning; and the post-it that reads “Normally I just get lost in the dryer…” actually made me laugh out loud.

I work with some wildly creative people (seriously – innovative and divergent thinking are requirements for many of the jobs on my floor); and I love being the beneficiary of unexpected, clever, random moments of fun.

I don’t know whose sock this is (and at the end of the day today it was still unclaimed), but I thank them for dropping it.


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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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