Funny and smart – they have it all

I work in a land of cubicles.

I say this with absolutely no disdain in my voice – truly.  Some people think it would be terrible, tragic, horrible to work in an office all day long; but for me, it’s just not bad.  I get to work with cool people, and we get to do cool things, and I get to learn cool skills.  It’s pretty much all good, actually.

Anyway, back to my smile for today.  I work in a row of cubicles, within a floor of cubicles.  My row is a main aisle with one cubicle on either side, a total of five cubicles deep.  I sit in the first cubicle on the right.

Around 2:30 pm today, I wanted a little “pick me up” beverage; but before I got my wallet to head down to the local convenience store, I walked down my row of cubicles to see if any of my work mates wanted to join me.  Surprisingly, nearly everyone was at their desk (which is a rare feat; we all usually get good amounts of desk time, but rarely at the same time), and everyone was focused.  Eyes locked on computers, headphones in ears, fingers flying on keyboards, and brains in deep concentration.  As I walked down the row, I was honestly a little taken aback by how intense the vibe of the row was.  My colleagues are a fun-loving bunch of people; yet this afternoon, they showed they have a serious, focused side too.

As I made the rounds, I was once again reminded how ridiculously lucky I am to get to work with such smart and driven, yet still fun and gregarious, people.  Not everyone gets to work with people who make them better both professionally and personally – but I do.  I’m grateful.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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2 Responses to Funny and smart – they have it all

  1. Kraig says:

    I think we are the lucky ones Stef. 🙂


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