Some big deals!

I have written in previous posts about how I delight in saving money; I love me a good deal. Today I completed the weekly grocery/supply trip for my sweetie and I, and I scored us some sweet bargains! I did have to visit three separate stores, but I think it was worth it. Take a stroll through my story:

Store #1 only had one item on sale, but it was a doozy:

We are ready for Sunday.

These pizzas were on sale for $2.50, usually $5.99.   The limit was 4, so I bought 4.  (See the top right side of the freezer.)  But lest you think all we eat is junk, please also note the frozen veggies behind the pizza.  But I digress… Current savings: $13.96.

Store #2 yielded some excellent deals as well:

My sweetie prefers his caffeine in sugar form.

Soda was at an all-time low of $8.88 for four 12-packs.  (I had a little mishap with one of the 12-packs from the store to the car; so it is represented by the solo cans on the top of the pile.)  I saved $10.28 on this sweet deal; current savings: $24.24.

While I was in the beverage aisle, I noticed that one of my favorite afternoon pick-me-ups was also on sale!

It's not just for virgins on Seinfeld.

As I left the aisle and was about to continue on my way to conquer more deals, I noticed a whole display of product – and at the top of the display was a stack of rebates!  Wow!

So, the original deal that drew me in was 2 cases for $11.  Seeing as how the convenience store sells these at $1.70 per bottle (I know, I know…), I saved a whopping $7.32.  But add on the rebate, and the savings nearly double, shooting up to $12.82.  Hello!  Current savings: $37.06.

I happily strolled to the next aisle, where more money was waiting to be found.  Next up: snacks.

My sweetie's favorite crackers.

I had to buy 4 boxes to get the sale price; but this is a non-perishable item, so fine.  I saved $1.31 per box, plus I had a $1-off coupon.  Pennies that stayed in my pocket = 624.  Current savings: $43.30.

The last item I secured at this store is not terribly glamorous, but quite necessary:

Um, no comment.

This 12-pack usually retails for $7.99; but the store had it on sale for $6.49, sparing me a cool $1.50.  Current savings: $44.80.

I wrapped up my morning at Store #3, where I found a few items that were the proverbial icing on the cake.

First up: greeting cards.

I heart you, Valentine.

I wanted to get three cards for various members of my family; and I had a coupon for $1 off when you buy three cards.  So voila – a buck back to me.  Current savings: $45.80.

I then went to get our groceries for the week.  I’m planning on making a new casserole tonight (which I will post on my weekly food blog on Sunday; feel free to check it out if you are curious as to how tonight goes), and I need some cheese for it.

Everything tastes better with cheese.

When I arrived to the aisle, I saw the store was running an in-house special: $2 per bag.  (Regularly $2.89.)  Plus, I had a coupon for an additional $.75 off.  So, I got a $2.89 bag o’ cheese for a mere $1.25, saving me $1.64 for this item; and putting my current savings at $47.44.

Just before I left the store, I picked up the last terrific deal of the day:

The first time I ever had Ben & Jerry's was in college; I've been a fan ever since.

One of my sweetie’s co-workers gave him a coupon for a free pint; so I picked up his favorite flavor for him today.  Ice cream is good, but free ice cream is fabulous.  The pint sells for $3.09, so adding this sum to the ones above brings today’s total savings to a whopping $50.53.

Woot!  Now, I wonder what I should buy with this new-found cash…




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8 Responses to Some big deals!

  1. Theresa says:

    Love getting good deals like that, congrats!


  2. Jenny says:

    I am SO proud of you! Way to find the bargains!!! Sounds like you need a coupon caddy to hold all of those coupons 🙂


    • Stef says:

      JENNY!! You *totally* made my day by leaving a comment!! Too Awesome! 🙂

      Right now my “coupon caddy” is a quart-size ziploc bag I keep attached to my fridge by a magnet. (No lie.) Maybe one day I will be cool enough to receive a caddy… 😉


  3. Nea says:

    Nice! There is nothing more satisfying than finding and getting great deals! LOVE IT!
    Well done, my friend – well done!


  4. Jennifer says:

    So exciting, I love a good deal!! I read your blog with as much enthusiasm as I’ve had watching the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC – my favorite story…one woman who spent 6 hours doing what she calls a ‘walk around’ (pre-shoppoing) then went home for coupon clipping, then back to the store for 4 hours of shopping and 3 hours at the check out. Total groceries purchased $1100 (I don’t remember the exact amount), total bill after coupons $50 (give or take a few bucks). Maybe someday we’ll see you featured 🙂


    • Stef says:

      Wow, that is a dedicated saving plan! I’m a hack compared to that – and I can’t see myself planning a shopping venture for hours. Still, you never know… To spend just $50 for $1100 worth of stuff is amazing!


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