I don’t particularly care for Greek food.  Feta, kalamata olives, lemon… these tastes are usually too strong and too “pungent” for me.  I’m more of a mozzarella, tomatoes, and olive oil kind of a girl…nice mild, docile flavors.

This morning I had to make a trip to the mall (which is a location I try to avoid; but I needed an item that is only sold at one particular shop, and the shop is only in the mall), and as I was wrapping up the errand I was getting hungry.  At about that time I happened to walk past a little deli area, and saw a selection of packaged salads.  Hmm, I could go for a salad….  I perused the offerings – but only one salad was vegetarian.  Greek salad.  Feta, kalamata olives, lemon.  (Along with cucumber, chickpeas, and tomatoes.)  Usually I would wrinkle my nose at that choice; but today, it actually sounded good.  I purchased the salad (and a chunk of crusty bread), and headed home.

As soon as I got through the front door of our house, I tore into the salad – I was pretty darn hungry.  And it tasted really, really good!  All of the vegetables tasted bright and fresh, and the cheese and olives added a nice saltiness to the mix, and the bread (topped with a layer of butter) provided good contrast and heartiness.

I ate a pear after the salad and bread, and an oatmeal-raisin cookie after that; and when I sat back in my chair, I felt wonderful.

Aaahhhh….. yum!



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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4 Responses to Delish!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Beautiful story, beautiful pictures.


  2. carlaat says:

    That does look delish!


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