Surprise and delight

I have spent the past eight months participating in a yoga teacher training program. (The program I am in is designed to be a year-long process.) Today was my day to teach one assigned yoga pose to my fellow students. In addition to completing the mandatory handout and delivering the required lecture, I decided to also do something a little “fun” for my peers, and write (and perform) a song that described how and why do to do the pose. While I am not a very good solo singer, the light-hearted spirit of the tune came through, and I think most of my fellow students forgave my tone and appreciated my tenor.
(Pun intended.)

Today I also posted my Sunday recipe on my weekly food blog; and at the end of the post I included a visual walk-through of how I created the dish, along with some light-hearted and fun commentary.

Offering people something fun and unexpected usually makes them smile; which then nearly always makes me smile. Creating little quirky, amusing experiences energizes and excites me; and having these experiences ripple out little waves of joy delights me.

"Sound Wave" by Jean Shin


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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