New Standards

I work for a big company.  Twice a year we have a big meeting, where we bring in big stars to perform for us “big” (and not-so-big) executives.  [I’m one of the “not-so-big” execs.]  Today was the spring iteration of that meeting.  Usually I find it interesting to see the various stars at the event; but I don’t get super-hyped up about celebrity like many people do.  (And that’s cool – it’s cool for people to get really excited by “famous” people, and it’s cool for me to have less of an interest.  It’s all good.)  Anyway, at the beginning of the meeting I got to hear about a 20 minute set of a lesser-well-known music group that I absolutely adore; so it was super-fun for me to:

1) really know one of the groups playing the event,
2) see a “smaller” group get some good solid PR, and
3) thoroughly enjoy one of the artists/groups present at the meeting!

Usually few (if any) of these factors are at play during these bi-annual meetings;
I was pleasantly surprised – and genuinely delighted – by them all.



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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4 Responses to New Standards

  1. I don’t recognize them.
    Who are they?


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