As I write this, the city is experiencing some bad weather.  It has been raining all day long: the precipitation was quite heavy this morning; currently the rainfall it is less intense than it was earlier in the day, but more consistent.  Additionally, the air temperature is dropping; the weather man says that the rain will turn into snow overnight – and he’s predicting the city will receive anywhere from 3” to 7” of snow by morning.

My sweetie is scheduled to go on vacation tomorrow (a weekend getaway with some of his guy friends), and his travel plans include a plane.  When I heard about the forecasted change in weather conditions, I worried that my sweetie might run into delays as he tries to get his vacation underway.  No fun.

When I saw my sweetie this evening, I asked if he was going to allow some extra time tomorrow for his transport to the airport, and expressed that I was worried for him.  (Not a paralyzing type of fear, mind you, just concern that he might have some difficulty getting out of town – and that I would feel sad for him if that were the case.)  My sweetie looked at me, and said that when he heard the weather forecast, he was worried for me.  He was worried that the city might receive several inches of snow when he wasn’t here, and that I might have some difficulty getting out of the driveway – and that he would feel sad for me if that were the case.  No fun.

So as my sweetie and I stood in the bedroom, expressing our potential concern for the other’s relative ease (or lack thereof) in our respective travel arrangements tomorrow, I smiled.  The fact that we each thought of the other before we worried about ourselves speaks volumes to me.  How lucky I am to receive such care; and how blessed I am to also be able to give it genuinely and sincerely.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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3 Responses to Worry

  1. Hanna says:

    This is just sweet. Like my husband and I :). Thumbs up for you and your sweety


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