Uniquely prepared

My commute in to work today was crap.  Just miserable.  An average driving speed of 20 mph on the freeway, and completely stopped in several different spots along the way.
A trip that usually takes me 20 minutes in the morning took me nearly 45 today.  Ugh.

Now, granted, 45 minutes isn’t terribly long – some people I work with were on the road for 2 hours today.  (Literally.)  So really, I don’t have any reason to complain.
Still, I arrived to my parking garage just spent.  Tired.  Nerves shot.  And I hadn’t even stepped foot inside my office building yet.


The workday itself was fine (thank goodness); but at the end of the day when I returned to my car and tried to exit the parking garage, I received a computer message: “See attendant.”  What?  I pushed the red help button.  No response.  What the…?  I parked my car, got out, walked two blocks to the area of the parking garage where the humans sit, waited in line – and was then given the runaround.  I returned to my car irritated and not confident that I would have successful resolution to the whole “I-would-like-to-leave-now-please” issue.  Thankfully, a human was waiting for me at the exit, so I was able to get help – but I had to pay cash to get out.  Seems that their credit card machine was broken.  Umm….. I don’t carry cash on me.  The now-less-helpful-human looked at me.  Shook his head at my plastic card, and simply said, “Cash only.”  Double-sigh.  I foraged through my car’s glove box, scrounging for loose change; and mercifully, I came up with the required amount needed to pay the troll (think Three Billy Goats Gruff).  I began my drive home in much the way I arrived earlier that morning: Spent.  Tired. Nerves shot.

Oy.  It’s going to be a long return trip, isn’t it?

To add more irritation to the “I-would-just-like-to-get-home-please” situation, I had to stop at the grocery after work.  The grocery store at 5 pm on a weekday night – not a good scene.  I parked my car in the lot, and braced myself for what could be a taxing event.

As I closed the door to my car and began walking towards the store, I turned and saw this:

(a tiny little wiper blade on the car headlight)

Hilarious!  “Someone” knew that I needed a freaking break tonight, and tossed this incredibly random piece of crazy-fun-goodness in my path.  I chuckled out loud at the absurdity of the object – and in making joy audible, I felt the weight of the day begin to lift.  I felt the sense of grayness in my mood begin to slip away.  I breathed in deeply, allowed a smile to come to my lips, and entered the grocery store ready for whatever may come.

And it was all good.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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5 Responses to Uniquely prepared

  1. I am glad that your day was able to turn around on the way home. It sounds like a long day. Leave it to you to find such a “smile kiddo” moment! 🙂

    I just want to know why you still have snow in the picture? I think it is about time for you all to find some warmer weather. I hope spring finds you soon. And I thank you for the smiles you continue to share with us!



    • Stef says:

      Yes, we here agree – if it were up to us, the snow would be gone. Alas, Ma Nature has some other plans for us.

      Thankfully a lot of the snow melted today; but it’s still on the ground here…

      Maybe tomorrow… 🙂


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    I think maybe you have cute little windshield wiper blades across your eyes, something most of us don’t have, which clears your vision so that you can see that it’s all good where most of us are blinded by the gook!


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