Chance connection with a cotton-tail

Driving home from work today, I turned into my neighborhood just as the school bus was letting kids out.  One of the students crossed the road, wearing a pair of rabbit ears I’m assuming were made in class earlier in the day:

While the unexpected head gear was enough to make me smile, what was even better was that the kid wearing the ears was a 15-year-old African American boy who was also sporting baggy jeans, a front-zip sweatshirt, and sneakers.

As I drove by, I smiled at the contrast.  The boy saw me, nodded his head in a knowing way, and smiled back.

Yeah, he knows.  And that makes it even more awesome.  🙂


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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6 Responses to Chance connection with a cotton-tail

  1. Christine says:

    Awesome – I love it when a guy is man enough to sport little-girl bunny ears! That is so cool!


    • Stef says:

      And I especially love it that he was a teenager, who just kinda doesn’t seem to care if he’s “silly” – he’s having a good time (in a very innocent way); and I *adore* that.


  2. I’m doing the Challenge of the Day by checking out your blog…I looked over a few posts and I love it! So now I’m subscribing! Yay for a new blog to read! 🙂


    • Stef says:

      Aw, thanks Sharon! I appreciate you stopping by, and am delighted by both your very kind comment and your subscription. Thank you so much! 🙂


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