Unexpected yoga, unexpected gratitude

Today was my second day of a weekend meditation retreat.  My fellow participants and I were emailed a full schedule of each day’s planned events in advance of the retreat, so that we could know how frequent and how long the meditation sessions would be, what types of supplies we should bring, etc.

The daily schedule included an hour of yoga each afternoon; and, being a yoga-teacher-in-training, I was very excited (and pleased) by this inclusion.  Yay, yoga!

However, long-story-short is that there was no yoga.  At least, not until one of my fellow participants looked at me, and basically said, “Hey, you look yoga-y; would you teach us yoga?”

So today I taught my first-ever ‘real’ yoga session – and it went really, really well.  (You can read the full story here – scroll down to ‘4 pm’.)

But what made me smile was that afterwards, a very slight, quiet, middle-aged Indian man approached me during the evening break, and whispered, “May I disturb you for a minute?”  I looked at him, smiled, nodded.  He continued, “I had never done yoga before; I enjoyed your session very much.  I think it is very good.  Thank you.”  Then he put his hands to his lips in ‘prayer position’, and bowed to me once.

Wow.  Incredible.  Wow.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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