Not over ‘till it’s over

Last week the city went through the park near my house, and cut down several trees.  (Apparently there is some sort of beetle that is infesting a certain type of tree, and once the bugs begin attacking the tree the tree dies; but at the same time, the dying tree survives long enough that it allows the beetle colony to spread to other trees, thereby devastating a whole area of green space all at once.)  To try and prevent the bugs from completely destroying all of the city property, officials are taking an offensive stance, and are proactively removing problematic trees.  As a result, the park a block away from my home now has eight big stumps where lovely large trees used to be.

I didn’t write about this last week (when I first noticed it) because this doesn’t exactly make me smile.

However.  Today was a beautiful day (high 50s, sunshine, slight breeze, a terrific scent of spring traveling in the air), so I took a nice long walk outside.  Despite the new lack of trees in the park, I decided to meander along the walking trail anyway.

I was listening to a podcast (This American Life, which I adore), engrossed in the story, not really paying much attention to the path, when I happened to glance down at one of the freshly-cut tree stumps – and saw this:

I’m still sad that the trees had to go; but I’m delighted that a fellow citizen helped them impart a tiny bit more pleasure to us humans in their last days.

Bye trees.  I’ll miss you – but I’ll remember your parting message.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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