Academia abundance

I was on campus again today at the college reunion, and I have a whole smattering of smile-producing experiences from which I could pick and post for today’s entry.  The ‘problem’ I’m having is that I don’t know which moment to select – which is such an amazing ‘problem’ to have.  Do I describe the beautiful and peaceful naturalist walk?  Do I write about all of the intriguing, interesting, delightful books I perused at the campus bookstore?  Do I attempt to convey the goodwill feelings that were so abundant as former classmates from 15, 30, even 55 years ago re-connected – and the joy these older men and women experienced as they were clearly transported back to the wondrous times of their spry college years?

Do I share one of the many small delights in the day, like receiving a free soft-serve ice cream cone?  Discovering a chair that appeared to be a standard desk chair, but that actually tipped back into a gentle rocking chair motion when I leaned back into it?  Learning that an additional floor of a building somehow snuck its’ way in?

What to choose, what to choose….

Because I have never seen anything like this before, and because the simplicity-yet-ingenuity of this item absolutely tickles me, I’ll make this item my smile selection for today.  Enjoy.  🙂

What a great idea!

(A close-up of the instructions...)



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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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12 Responses to Academia abundance

  1. Hallysann says:

    This really is such a wonderful idea !


    • Stef says:

      Isn’t it? I wasn’t sure what it was when I first saw it (I’ve never seen anything like it), but once I read the instructions, I thought, “Genius!” 🙂


  2. Haven’t had much time to leave comments this last couple of weeks but I have been reading and I’m liking. 🙂
    Enjoy the reunion.


    • Stef says:

      Life gets busy from time to time; I appreciate you reading, and commenting as you are able. I hope you are having fun amid the busy-ness! 🙂


  3. Christine says:

    Is it just an air pump? So confused! Otherwise, sounds like a perfect weekend!!


    • Stef says:

      It’s actually an air pump, plus a bunch of tools. So, if you need to reset your bike chain, or tighten up a pedal, or do any other such type of repair-on-the-go, some helpful tools are available.


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  5. rutheh says:

    Very cool idea. Never seen it before but I imagine it would be a hit everywhere there are cyclists!


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  7. purer94 says:

    looks quite funny, but what a great idea… i’ve never seen anything like that before…


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