Let them eat veg

Driving home from work today, I noticed a community garden for the first time.  The garden is in a pretty beat-up, run-down, ‘tough’ part of the city.  The plot of land is just slight back from a busy six-lane freeway, and awkwardly stuck between a government housing building and a vacant parking lot.

I have no idea who started this garden, nor if this is the garden’s inaugural year.  But seeing this smallish, fenced in, cobbled-together enclosure filled me with a sense of hope.  It made me feel like people who are so often overlooked, cast aside, and/or disregarded (i.e., economically poor ethnic minorities) were being thought of, considered, and involved.  Cared for.  And, perhaps even more importantly, those individuals were actively caring for themselves, caring about themselves.  Seeing this little plot of brown stakes and green sprouts infused my heart with optimism, and helped renew my genuine faith in the good.

Thank you nameless gardeners; I appreciate the boost you gave my soul today.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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10 Responses to Let them eat veg

  1. This brings a smile to my face,
    good on you Stef,
    be good to yourself


  2. barb19 says:

    Beautful – life in the middle of the city. People who care. Seeing that would have given me a lift also Stef.


  3. I’ve seen a few gardens like that a few times, what a great idea!


    • Stef says:

      I agree, I think it is a really great idea. If I had any sort of gardening skills, I’d like to offer my support. But as I do not, I will be an admirer. 🙂


  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Really nice post and thought, Stef.
    Most interesting to me: your title.


    • Stef says:

      Judith, your calling attention to the title caused me to reflect on it – and I realized that while I didn’t intend for it to have a Louis XIV feel to it, I suppose there is a small part of me that recognizes that these types of gardens might be seen in that light….interesting.

      However, my dominant response is still one of positivity and joy. 🙂


      • Touch2Touch says:

        That was what I meant also: positivity and joy. Yes.
        The heedlessness of Marie Antoinette’s Let them eat cake — contrasted with the nourishing reality of a vegetable garden! Marie might still have her head if she could distinguish these two.
        You were rejoicing for people who were (literally) grounded in goodness. All those community gardens — I remember one years ago way West on 48th Street, really Hell’s Kitchen of Manhattan at that time — and how joyful a place it was in the midst of a difficult area. Of course you smiled! To me the echo adds poignancy and depth.


      • Stef says:

        I fully agree; the additional reflection I had as a result of your comment made the experience only ‘better’ and ‘sweeter’. 🙂 I appreciate your point of view; you truly nudge me to think in new, different, and often ‘deeper’ ways – and I value that! 🙂


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