Food face

The weather was pretty intense today (very sunny, high of 93 degrees [F] with a heat index of 104 degrees [F] {and please keep in mind that this is the same place that gets down to -10 and -20 degrees [F] nearly every winter….}, so I spent most of the day inside – and quite a bit of my time was spent on the computer.  While I did do some ‘volunteering’ online today and helped out a few people with various computer-related items, I also spent a good bit of time just dinking…

As I perused various websites and social networks, I saw a picture that a friend-of-a-friend took – and it instantly made me smile.  With the photographer’s permission, I’m sharing the image with you (thanks Joanna!):

I don’t know how old the recipient of this awesome dish is (in looking at the tiny fist holding the plate, ready to resume munching on the right ear of this chap, I’m going to guess perhaps the kiddo is around 3 years old?), but even at 36-years-old, I know I would delight in such a treat!  🙂  What a cool mom for making such a fun meal for her little girl.


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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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15 Responses to Food face

  1. Angie~Lah says:

    That makes the yellow rice and soup I’m having for dinner look sorta boring. 😦 lol


  2. Joss says:

    very cool mom!


  3. Oh my, if my mom made me that I’d eat it all and ask for MORE… 🙂


  4. Hallysann says:

    An instant smile for me here too 😀
    Thanks Stef, and thanks to Joanna too.


  5. BabyBird says:

    LOL! That totally made me smile too 🙂
    Stumbled across your blog from the Daily Post comment you made (which I completely agree with) Love the idea and theme of your blog!


    • Stef says:

      BabyBird, thank you for 1) supporting my Daily Post comment, 2) choosing to visit my blog, 3) leaving a comment, and 4) subscribing. I really appreciate it all! 🙂


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  7. A great photo from my friend Jojo who truly is a great mum. 🙂


    • Stef says:

      I’m happy she was willing to share; she seems like a great lady. Of course, if she is a friend of yours, I would expect nothing less. 😉


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