Magical moisture

It’s another hot day today: it was 81 degrees (F) at 6 am, and the high temperature is expected to reach the mid 90s (with a heat index of 104 degrees [F]).  Yikes.

As I was driving home from yoga at 10 am (feeling uncomfortably warm in my car despite having all of the windows rolled down all of the way), I heard kids screeching and laughing.  I looked to the side of the road, and saw this:

(Please note that I pulled over and safely stopped the car in order to take this picture.)

Water fell in a constant stream from each of the ‘flowers’ in the middle of the play area; the green slide had a small river flowing down it; little jets of water shot out sideways in some places (you can see one example of this from the orange ‘p’ on the right side of the picture) and from the ground in other places; and the big red bucket at the top of it all filled with water and dumped a big sploosh every 2-3 minutes (which was always greeted with squeals and shrieks of delight!).

Watching the older kids relish the novelty of the water playground experience, and observing the younger kids puzzle at (yet still enjoy) the foreign concept of being surrounded by water while not being in a bath or a pool, I found myself being soothed, and feeling mirth and merriment – all by simply witnessing the experience.  Ah, empathetic joy.  It truly is an enchantment.


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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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14 Responses to Magical moisture

  1. Hallysann says:

    Wonderful 😀


  2. Joss says:

    what a fabulous water playground!


  3. nrhatch says:

    How fun! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, Stef.


  4. I like to see road safety is an issue with you Stef. 😉
    Although it did make me smile thinking of you hanging out of the passenger side window trying to take a photo still steering. 🙂

    Nice photo, What camera are you using?


    • Stef says:

      Jonathan, you’d be surprised at some of the crazy (and truly stupid) things some people do while driving here! In addition to eating and texting, I’ve seen make-up application and reading(!) – I’m so not kidding. So I like to stress safety whenever possible. 🙂

      To take the picture, I just used the Camera app on my iPhone. Nothing too special…


  5. BabyBird says:

    How fun! That’s quite an elaborate water playground for (what looks like) a school playground! The colourful equipment against the bright blue sky is nice 😀


    • Stef says:

      The equipment is actually part of our local YMCA (if you look closely at the red bucket you can see a black “Y” on it); and I absolutely agree that the vibrant colors all come together beautifully! 🙂


  6. Touch2Touch says:

    Just this morning we took advantage of an unusually nice day to take a walk in a wonderful nearby park — which has a water playground much like yours! It was so early that only one very small tike was there, awed by a low “flower” while being hovered over by mom and dad.


  7. That looks fun….I would be very tempted to jump out and join the kids in THIS playground! 🙂


    • Stef says:

      When my husband read this post, he said the same thing to me (i.e., “You should have gone in the water!”) Had it been a public playground versus a for-members-only space, I *totally* would have been in there!


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