Just look up

I didn’t have the best day today.  Nothing tragic happened, I just had moderate annoyances sprinkled throughout the day (from waking up with shin pain; to getting caught in pouring rain – twice; to feeling indecisive about totally dinky and unimportant things; to feeling way too self-absorbed and whiny when I really have absolutely nothing to complain about in my ridiculously blessed life….).  Ugh.  Sigh.

But whatev.  As each twinge, drop, feeling, and thought came, I honestly acknowledged them, then gently set them aside.  I engaged in this gentle dance with my internal life, over, and over, and over again.  See, acknowledge, release, repeat.

By mid-morning, I wasn’t feeling frustrated or hostile by this repetitive exercise so much as I was feeling…. disappointed.  Disappointed that the perpetual stream of automatic thoughts haven’t ceased.  Disappointed that I have to work at relaxing.  Disappointed that I’m not yet ‘enlightened’, that I’m still oh-so-human.

But today there were tasks that needed to be done, so I went about completing them.  I wrote the grocery list, drove to the store, picked up the plums and the broccoli…and it was there, in the middle of the store, feeling achy, soggy, and foggy, that I saw this:

A lovely overt reminder that joy really is all around – if I’m willing to look up to see it.

Thanks universe, I appreciate this.  Particularly today.  🙂


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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20 Responses to Just look up

  1. Loved your picture – I bet you made someones day when they spotted you taking pictures of plastic cups LOL


  2. I would have assumed that you were taking pictures of items at the store to maybe ask a roommate or spouse if THIS is the right kind they want? I’ve seen people do that before….nothing people take photos of really surprises me anymore…..
    Glad you were sent a marshmallow smile today 🙂


    • Stef says:

      It’s interesting…. once upon a time I used to think that people who were talking to themselves were a bit mentally ill; now I just assume they are on a headset. Funny how times (and perceptions!) change so quickly…


  3. Mama said there’d be days like this! We’ve all been there. You really should be proud of yourself for being so self-aware (acknowledging thoughts and then setting them aside) and always keeping your eyes open for reasons to smile! That’s an achievement in itself.



    • Stef says:

      Thanks Cat! Yup, no one ever promised me a rose garden; I’m grateful that I’m truly learning how to see all things as impermanent (both the wonderful and the uncomfortable), and that my awareness keeps growing… It’s good stuff. 🙂


  4. nrhatch says:

    One step toward enlightenment . . . two steps back. 😀

    Eventually, if we persisit, we re-program our thoughts to gravitate to the positive.
    In the meantime, we are more aware of the need to let non-productive thoughts drift away.


  5. carlaat says:

    I love the description – achy, soggy, foggy. Glad the marshmallow smile came along just at the right time. Hugs!


  6. Hi Stef,
    I love your honesty & freshness. Keep it up.
    be good to yourself


  7. okay, so I’m dyslexic and I read the ‘up and up’ as ‘du and du”. So, yeah, do look up and do keep bringing us smiles.


  8. rutheh says:

    What a happy find! And just when you needed it 🙂


    • Stef says:

      It’s “funny” how my life seems to always go that way; just when I need something, somehow it always ‘magically’ appears. I’m a lucky, lucky gal, I tell you what…


  9. Christine says:

    Somebody went to Target – aka the best store EVER. Packaging like the one you took the photo of is why the store is so awesome.


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