Say what?

Today was a day of bizarre conversations.

From the barista who attempted to engage me in a discussion of the rhyming skills of Cole Porter (“You’re Fred Astaire, you’re Camembert? You’re a Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet?  No, nothing?”), to the woman who spoke to her young child like he was a pet (“Sammy, stay!  Good boy…”), I was privy to – and indeed involved in – several unique interactions throughout the day.

Perhaps the most interesting dialogue took place in the elevator.  I had just boarded the empty car when I saw two women approaching.  They entered the lift mid-conversation:

“…you might be right about that, but I just can’t stand the frosted one.  I need clear,” the first woman explained.

“But you’ll get eye strain if you use clear to read by; you need frosted,” the second woman countered, a bit irritated.

Woman #1 looked at me, and asked, “When it comes to light bulbs, do you use the frosted kind, or the clear kind?”

Umm…. I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to enter this conversation.  But both sets of eyes were looking intently at me, waiting for my reply.  Gulp.  Okay…

I answered, “Actually, I’m a big fan of the Reveal bulbs.  The light they provide simulates natural light; they’re quite beautiful.”

Both women beamed at me.  “Wow, that sounds perfect!” Woman #2 excitedly exclaimed.  She looked happily at Woman #1.

Woman #1 looked at me, and then said, “Ah, so I bet you really don’t like those compact fluorescent bulbs, do you?”  She nodded in silent-yet-emphatic agreement.

The doors to the elevator opened.  I gently-yet-genuinely smiled at each of them, and stated, “No, I’m not a big fan of those,” then turned and exited the elevator.

“See, the right bulb really IS important; it makes a big difference the ambiance of the room…” woman #1 continued on as the doors closed, and the car continued its’ ascent.

Indeed.  🙂


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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14 Responses to Say what?

  1. Ruth says:

    Tomorrow I am going to load up a cart with Reveal bulbs!


  2. people carry on conversations about the strangest things! Makes an introvert like me smile.


  3. Christine says:

    See? If you hadn’t been there, they would have ended up buying yucky frosted bulbs! Still, I am a huge fan of the CFLs!


  4. carlaat says:

    “You’re the top! You’re the Coliseum. . . You’re the top, You’re the Louvre Museum” – I was in the pit band for “Anything Goes” senior year in high school . . . ah, memories! 🙂

    Oh, and we have the soft white compact flourescents because they’re more energy efficient . . . and we return the bulbs when they burn out back to Lowe’s so the mercury doesn’t end up in a landfill. But I totally get the flourescent issue. Natural light is my favorite.


    • Stef says:

      Carla, I was also in the pit band for Anything Goes in high school! What instrument did you play? (I was on the string bass and bass guitar.)

      We do have some CFLs in the house – my husband insists on them in shared rooms (which is most of the house). In my study I have soft-white lights (and in the bedroom in the lamp on ‘my’ side of the bed). 🙂 And I agree with you – I like natural light the best of all! [Unfortunately in winter we just don’t get much of that…]


      • carlaat says:

        That is too funny! I was a flute, but I think we were playing the violin part as we had no strings. Do you still play your bass? My husband plays guitar and bass guitar!


      • Stef says:

        Carla, I don’t play my bass any more. I have an instrument here in the house still – but I don’t think I’ve touched it for 5 years at least. Still, I can’t seem to give it away…


  5. Pauline says:

    wonder if the lightbulb went on for either of them…


  6. Touch2Touch says:

    Glad to have the endorsement on Reveal bulbs, I’ve never quite gotten to try them.

    I don’t usually do elevators (claustrophobic) so there’s a great overhearing opportunity missed. Thanks for giving me one experience vicariously (and sans anxiety 🙂


    • Stef says:

      In my workplace, I have little choice but to take elevators (and escalators). One of the concessions one makes when working in a high-rise…


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