Costume commentary

Halloween night is an enjoyable evening for me: I like seeing the kids come to the door all dressed up and excited, and I have fun tossing candy into their pails and pillowcases.  I always buy waaaay too many treats, so I get to give each kid several pieces of candy – which makes their little eyes light up and their lips smile wide.  It’s fun.  🙂

Last night we had a few memorable individuals ring the bell.  The third child of the evening was a little girl who is in the second grade classroom I volunteer at every Friday!  I was very surprised to see her (I didn’t realize she lived in the neighborhood) – and she was pretty stunned to see me, too.  She was dressed as a witch (just like she said she would be when I saw her a few days ago in school), and after getting over her shock at seeing me at the door, she smiled shyly as I gave her an extra handful of candy.

Later in the evening I opened the door to the 9-year-old boy who lives a few doors down, his dad (who was also dressed in costume [which makes me smile – I love it when the parents play, too]), and an 18-year-old boy/man who was dressed as a Roman soldier – with the sandals and the helmet and the sword and everything.  Full-on gear.

I must have looked surprised (occasionally we get a few middle-school kids trick or treating [12, 13 years old] – but never have I seen a high school student at the door) because the 9-year-old quickly explained, “This is Max.  He’s our exchange student from Bolivia.  He’s trick or treating for the very first time!”  Max then looked at me, smiled sheepishly, and said, “Trick or treat!” in a deep, throaty, foreign-accented voice.  Fun.  Max, you’re a trooper.  Extra candy for you.

Over the span of the evening I saw quite a few cool costumes, and several very cute kids; but my absolute favorite outfit was worn by one of the moms accompanying her child:

I LOVE this.  Sooo cute.  🙂


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10 Responses to Costume commentary

  1. rutheh says:

    Bolivian exchange student? Wild! And the t-shirt is a smile maker, too cute.
    I live across from a park and no one comes to our street to trick or treat anymore. When my kids were small people came but no more. Sounds like a lot of fun in your neighborhood.


    • Stef says:

      Ruth, are you sad/disappointed that kids don’t come by any more? We have quite a few younger kids (elementary school age) on our street and in our neighborhood in general – and they are all very polite and well-behaved, so it’s fun. 🙂


  2. That IS a cute shirt and I actually said “Awwww” out loud about the high school foreign exchange student trick or treating for the first time. So cute!


  3. that is so cool. people are so imaginative.


  4. shellriver says:

    We live in the woods and get no trick-or-treaters. But the downtown area, where I work, gives out treats for kids from 3pm-6pm on Halloween! It’s so much fun…I just love all the kids dressed for Halloween! We in the store dress up too and the kids love that! It surprises some adults when they come in shopping…but, it does help them smile! I love that too! 🙂


    • Stef says:

      Your Halloween work environment sounds very cool! And fun that you get to see kiddos downtown at least.

      Thank you for commenting, and for subscribing – I appreciate them both! 🙂


  5. Dodie says:

    Did you wear a costume?


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