#97: Organize my jewelry

Ninety percent of the time, I am a focused, determined, industrious individual. I become aware of something that needs my attention (be it for work or for play; for family, friends, or my own self), and I take the appropriate actions (while trying to also apply the appropriate amount of intensity) to successfully address the item. However, ten percent of the time, I am an unmotivated, resistant, lazy person. I see the thing before me that needs my attention and action – and I sigh. I look around, wanting to find something else to do instead. I ignore the thing for a while, and hope it goes away. For whatever reason, there are some things in life I drag my feet on. Things that just give me a sense of “ugh” inside.

When I crafted my 101 list, I worked to ensure that 90% of the items on the list were things that I really wanted to do/try/experience – but that for one reason or another (logistics, prioritization, opportunity, etc.) I simply hadn’t yet addressed. However, I also intentionally snuck in a few items that have been on my “chore” list for quite a while; things that I have been saying for years (literally) that I ‘want’ to do – but really, what I mean is that I want the items to be done without me actually having to do them. 🙂

One such “I-wish-it-would-complete-itself-magically” item involved getting my jewelry in order. A few years ago I went through a phase where I made quite a bit of jewelry (mostly earrings, though I did create some bracelets, too) – and while it was really nice to suddenly have a bevy of baubles to choose from, finding a place to store all of them actually became an issue. I wanted everything to be visible to me (because my brain absolutely follows the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind”), but I also wanted them all nicely organized (I loathe clutter, and strongly adhere to the principle, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”) After doing a bit of internet searching, I found some jewelry displays being sold at a reasonable price – so I ordered them. And while they did an effective job at making all of the newly-created adornments visible to me all at once, the displays were both flimsy and ‘sprawly’. The entire surface of my dresser top was covered in random earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; and in the summer when our bedroom window was open and a breeze came through, many items would get knocked over and scattered about, creating even more clutter. Ugh!

This is the 'cleaned-up' version of my dresser top; usually it doesn't look this good...

I needed a better solution. And I suspected that if I went to an organization store, I could likely find a better solution… But the closest organization store was a 30-minute drive away, and I strongly suspected that I would feel overwhelmed by options and choices when I arrived on-site. Or, I wouldn’t find anything that worked with my logistics (and budget), and I would leave feeling frustrated, annoyed, agitated, and depressed. Ugh. Better to just live with what I had – even though what I had wasn’t what I wanted.

Enter the 101 list. 🙂 Public accountability = the perfect motivation to get me to move out of inaction. There are quite a few things in life I will do for others that I won’t do for myself; so this list was a perfect tool to ‘trick’ myself into getting me to do a few things for me! [So thank you to everyone who is reading this blog, and for serving as an accountability partner!]  🙂

A few weeks ago as I was perusing the list, deciding which item I wanted to address next, I saw #97. I knew I didn’t want to do all of the ‘fun’ items first, only to have yucky tasks lingering over my head all the while; and I was going to be on the far side of town the next day for an appointment, anyway… I decided to take advantage of the logistics and my momentary willingness, and I made myself walk into the organization store, determined to not leave until I had a jewelry organization solution in hand.

After 90 minutes of walking up and down every aisle multiple times, examining and testing container after container (after container, after container…), comparing the relative pros and cons of each makeshift solution I tried to cobble together, I finally settled on a system of large stackable storage trays (designed specifically for jewelry) that I would place inside a large wicker basket. The solution wasn’t perfect – but it was better than what I currently had, and I didn’t see a more ideal alternative anywhere else. I purchased 4 trays to accommodate my various earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and a single basket to contain them all.

A place for every item - is a beautiful thing.

All stacked up in a nice basket...

...which sits neatly on my dresser (next to the window mentioned earlier in this post).

I’ve been using the new system for about three weeks now, and it’s actually working out better than I expected. But even more importantly, every time I now look at the top of my dresser, instead of sighing or cringing, I smile with a sense of accomplishment and relief. One yucky task done! 🙂


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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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13 Responses to #97: Organize my jewelry

  1. rutheh says:

    Super tidy and inviting! A terrific solution to jewelry clutter.


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    The basket is a clever touch. I have stackable trays that sound (and look) a lot like yours. But putting them in the basket is a terrific idea, leaving them in plain sight without BEING in plain sight. Well done Stef!


    • Stef says:

      Sometimes I’m a fan of ‘trickery’ (i.e., having things out in plain sight without them being overtly obvious as such). Cool to know that you have a similar system – great minds think alike, eh? 🙂


  3. It does look neater and I bet it’s a lot easier to dust!


  4. looks great AND you feel better about getting that damn task done! win, win. now go do something fun.


  5. oooh! girl, you have some pretty jewelry


    • Stef says:

      Thank you! None of it is terribly “valuable” (except for my wedding rings), but many of the pieces are still special to me. I appreciate your compliment! 🙂


  6. deenie12 says:

    Well done, it looks great! And you also get a pat on the back for doing one of the ‘yuckier’ things on your list, and not putting it off until the end. 🙂


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