Order of Operations

Everything I currently know, I had to learn at some point in my life. Things that seem intuitive or like “common sense” were not always inherent in my mind – I had to actively acquire those ‘automatic’ nuggets of knowledge. Some of the information that now resides in my mind found its way there through indirect paths: observation of others, unorganized trial-and-error attempts, etc. But much of the information that I know was directly, overtly, intentionally taught to me. Certainly various facts and figures were transmitted to me through teachers and other educators; but a variety of life skills were also communicated to me very explicitly.

This morning I arrived to the elementary school where I volunteer, and saw a new poster affixed to the end of a section of student lockers:

Apparently teachers were getting tired of constantly telling kids how to dress themselves for recess. I can easily imagine various students working “top down” (putting on their hat, then mittens, and then getting stuck…), and I can also envision kids starting with the most common item first (i.e., their coat), and then trying to work everything else around that.

A good reminder that ‘obvious’ things may not be so apparent to everyone else. Good – and funny. 🙂


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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