Surprising, satisfying scoop

It looked like an ordinary bottle cap…

The blue ‘S’ should have been a tip off…(Superman, anyone?)

…but when I twisted the lid, popped the safety seal, and removed the cover to take a drink, I discovered that the seemingly ho-hum cap actually contained one of the treasures I value most: knowledge.

Who knew?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for delightful surprises in unexpected places.  This little nugget of info hidden underneath a bottle cap, as small and insignificant as it may seem, really did add some joy to my day.  Thank you to the clever production and marketing folks at this beverage company for taking the time and making the effort to do something just a little bit more than the expected.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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9 Responses to Surprising, satisfying scoop

  1. rutheh says:

    Nice find! A definite delightful surprise. Thanks for always making such thoughtful comments on my photos, Stef. Your post today made me smile.


    • Stef says:

      Ruth, I’m glad to hear that you got a grin out of this! You are most welcome for my thoughtful comments; it’s easy to do with such a terrific blog as yours. 🙂


  2. Sallyann says:

    Dropped in, in need of a smile … and as usual, you always manage to create one. Thanks. 🙂


  3. It’s the “little things” that add a smile to our day and a spring to our step!


  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Not just a smile —
    A full throated laugh, at the thought that I could count the number of cricket chirps in 15 seconds and then have the presence of mind to add 37 to it!!!!


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