The intensity of love

The theme of today’s yoga class was love.  We heard a rockin’ playlist of artists expressing various sentiments around love, we were challenged to love poses we don’t always want to love, and we were encouraged to love ourselves just as we are, right here and now.  The instructor also told us various stories about love; and of all the wisdom that was shared, one sentiment stood out to me.  Midway through class, the yoga teacher explained, “Love can be an epic story.  Or it can be a single page.  Or it can be an individual paragraph.  Or it can be a simple sentence.  Or it can even be the tiniest period at the end of a thought.  While the duration of each of these instances of love is varied, if the love is genuine and real, the intensity of love is exactly the same in each occurrence.”

I think that often people ‘measure’ love by the length of its existence – that a couple who have shared love for a year have ‘more’ love than a couple who have shared love for a month.  But I believe that intensity of love is the better ‘assessment’ of this emotion; the moments that I have been touched by even a second of love are just as meaningful to me as the decades of love I have received by very important people in my life.  I never had the language to really articulate this belief before; indeed, maybe I wasn’t even aware that I held this belief until I found myself in front of it.  But now I do, and I am – and I love it.

I definitely got my money’s worth from my class today.  😉

I love these.


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4 Responses to The intensity of love

  1. narami says:

    I wish there was an “I LOVE this” button.
    Love is amazing 🙂


    • Stef says:

      I fully agree. In fact, whenever I do mantra meditation, the phrase I repeat in my mind is, “No matter the question, the answer is love.” This is also the ‘mantra’ I try and live my life by. My actions are far from perfect, but the intention is pure – so at least I’m on the right track. 😉

      Thank you for your very kind comment; I appreciate it!


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Those children’s comments are priceless.


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