Where’s Stef?

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed that it has been rather “quiet” these past 30 days.  While I didn’t post about any new experiences or insights, I can assure you that I was still writing, and still making progress on my 101 list.  Check this out:

The lay of the land on April 1.

The lay of the land on April 1. (The word count is 12,039.)

Where things stand today.

Where things stand today. (The word count is a whopping 41,108!)

After several months of making meager progress on my goal of writing a book, I decided to spend the month of April really buckling down and ‘getting serious’ about this task.  So I set aside most of my other pursuits and commitments, and focused on writing a very rough draft of a novel.  After four weeks of snowy, cold, gray, draining days, I am delighted to report that I have made substantial progress on item #101!  While I still have a ways to go to consider this item truly finished, I feel much better about where it stands – and I will resume the “regularly scheduled programming” of my life in May.  Which means fun, new experiences for me; and therefore more new blog posts for all of you.  🙂

Thank you all for your continued support of my writing and of this space – I truly appreciate it!


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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12 Responses to Where’s Stef?

  1. awesome, it’s a great accomplishment. and look it that, we’re still here!


  2. deenie12 says:

    Way to go Stef! I’m very excited to hear about the progress towards your book. 🙂 There have been several times this past month when I’ve thought of you and missed reading your posts and adventures. Thanks for the update!


  3. Will I have a copy? (free) 🙂


    • Stef says:

      If the book ever gets published, I will absolutely give my top commenters/supports a copy of the text for free! Now, if I publish it; well, that’s a whole separate conversation…


  4. Great that you are making progress on that book 🙂


  5. narami says:

    Congratulations!! A very rough draft, is a DRAFT!


  6. Touch2Touch says:

    Like Joss said, And we’re all still here!
    Waiting patiently —


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