You get what you give

I don’t often get to be the passenger in a car, so getting to sit on the right side of a vehicle today was a nice change of pace.  As my sweetie maneuvered us along the freeway, I took the opportunity to gaze out the window, and allowed my attention to drift and rest wherever it wanted.

People watching is very pleasurable to me; as our auto passed a variety of vehicles, I peered for a few seconds into the lives of other passengers.  College kids driving solo, young parents chatting while their babies slept in the back, older parents staring straight ahead while their children watched a movie, military men and women caravanning to their post, professional truckers hauling loads of various shapes and sizes….all of us in such different places in our lives, driving with such different purposes and intentions – yet all sharing the same road.

Anyway.  As my sweetie passed a semi, I looked up at the cab (like I nearly always do), and the driver noticed my gaze.  I smiled – and this man literally did a huge double-take.  It was as if no other person on the road had ever smiled at him before – and it was awesome to witness this big, burly, craggy older man immediately soften, simply by me sharing a very small (yet obviously very powerful) action.  Wow.  Cool.


An hour later, my sweetie and I arrived at his parent’s house.  A yummy dish was simmering in a crock pot, and I mentioned that whatever was cooking smelled delicious.  My MIL informed me that the dish was a vegetarian chili; then she corrected herself and said, “Well, it’s actually vegan.”

A few minutes later, she pulled out a cookbook to make biscuits – and I was so touched when I saw it:

Everyday CV.pdf, page 1 @ Preflight

I have recently begun consuming a 100% vegan diet – but no one else in the family is vegetarian, much less completely animal-free.  To see my MIL make such an effort to not only respect my dietary choices, but to proactively make food options that allowed me to be included in the family meal, was incredibly touching to me.

It was my turn to be so surprised by another person’s thoughtful actions that I had no other choice but to smile broadly and spontaneously – which I absolutely did.



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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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6 Responses to You get what you give

  1. This might just be a living example of “what goes around, comes around”! Seriously, being on either side of caring is lovely. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday. It sure is off to a good start. Ad hey, for the first time in months, your post showed up in my reader. Thankful!


    • Stef says:

      This is absolutely one example of karma in action. I don’t often seen the results occur that quickly – but it’s a nice affirmation/confirmation/reminder when they do. 🙂

      I’m delighted that this post showed up in your reader! I have changed absolutely nothing on my end – but I’m glad that whatever glitch in the system has been corrected (at least for now). 😉

      And thank you for making an extra effort to read (and comment on) my posts, even when your reader failed you. I absolutely value your insights, and your kindness. I’m grateful for you!


  2. narami says:

    My mother in law bought juice and water for me today :o) felt something like this.


  3. Touch2Touch says:

    That really was worth the double smiles!


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