Share Your Happy

Since I have started this blog, various individuals have reached out to me to tell me about their smile-worthy experiences; which always bring a smile to my face, too.  (Talk about a win-win!)  Which got me thinking: Why not make a page where more folks can share their joy?  So, voila – welcome to this section of the site.  🙂

If you would like to post an experience, you are invited to do so.

But please adhere to a few guidelines:

Keep It Brief: A few sentences should suffice.
Keep It Positive:
Refrain from lifting yourself up at the expense of someone else.
Keep It Real:
Share an experience that happened to you personally.

If you’d like others to see that the post came from you, please enter it in the comment box (second one below).  If you’d like to submit a post anonymously, please use the contact box (first one below), and I will post the experience on your behalf (name withheld).

Cool!  This should be fun.


6 Responses to Share Your Happy

  1. Barb says:

    Wow Stef! What a great blog. . . I only get on fb every few months, and then I usually end up reading your wonderful blog (as opposed to randlomly looking up old aquaintances).

    My happy moment of late was when we were medicating Kelly (our 9 year old) for Strep Throat. She was on her 2nd of 20 doses.
    Traditionaly I make little boxes on the calendar, so Joe and I know if the sick child has had their dose (all these doses are harder to coordinate than you would think!) – So I head to the calendar, pen in hand, and I am confused by all the little boxes that are already in place. Joe had put the boxes on, and done a load of dishes, and cleaned up baby toys! Those boxes are better than any Christmas gift you could buy (even at Target!)

    Really inspired by your blog – think your tree is beautiful – and can’t imagine anyone being able to do that Yoga pose!

    Keep on rocking out! – -(oh, and we have taken procrastination to new heights – -imagine us with 2 grumpy kids, fighting to get Science Fair Projects done – the night before! )


  2. Stef says:

    One of my friends send me a super-fun picture that I then wrote about; you can see the image and read the blog post here:


  3. sheila hyde says:

    love that you are pole dancing. i proud of your new adventure. love and hugs, sheila


  4. Stef says:

    From a reader: “Happiness..not a day goes by when my cat doesn’t make me smile. When I get home from work (I work nights) it is AM and he is waiting by the door, so I have to open my door to my apartment very slowly as he is laying against it, and greet him. He is so happy to see me he wags his tail like a dog would! He follows me as I lay down my daily things, get undressed and finally give him I shake the bag, he meows, I give him only 10 treats. He will eat one, look up at me and wait for me to talk to him, then eat another and another. This is our daily routine besides other adorable things he does to make me happy. Bless you for letting us share our happy stories.”


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