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A sweet ride

As the weather is starting to be consistently warmer, more and more bikes are taking to the streets (of both the “ding ding” and the “vroom vroom” varieties). As I was driving home today, I saw a 20-something on a … Continue reading

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Volunteering & velocity

Last year I volunteered one day a week at the local elementary school.  (I spent 30 minutes reading and doing math 1-on-1 with kids who were struggling to keep up; I then shifted gears and spent the next 45-60 minutes … Continue reading

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More than just a bike

For the past several summers, I have contemplated getting a bicycle.  I owned a bike as a kid, and I adored it.  I would spend hours riding around the neighborhood; my bike was my first “set of wheels”, my first … Continue reading

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Hot wheels

One of the perks of writing this blog is that people often share a moment that made them smile in their day.  So in addition to all of the fun, smile-worthy moments I get in my own daily life, I … Continue reading

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