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Oh puppy….I love you.

Nearly a month ago, one of our dogs woke up with blood in his eye.  My sweetie and I promptly took our pup to the vet – who was rather nervous about this unexpected development.  (It’s never a good feeling when … Continue reading

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A passing suggestion, long remembered

Eight years ago I traveled to India. As part of the trip preparations, I was required to get a series of vaccinations – which ultimately involved me receiving five different injections at one office visit. Let me say that again: … Continue reading

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Never doubt the compassion of strangers

I adore walking outside in the gorgeous summer months.  During my daily outdoor endeavors I often pass runners and cyclists, parents with children, humans with pups.  I smile at each of these beings, and continue on my merry way. Occasionally, … Continue reading

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#59: Check out the observation deck at the Foshay Tower

Every culture has characteristics that make it unique from others.  Germans are notorious for being so direct and honest that often times they border on harsh, whereas Indians are raised to be so collaborative and accommodating that at times their … Continue reading

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Who said what?

Every Sunday morning my sweetie and I receive the newspaper at our home.  The bundle of information is nearly always full of national and local news – but it also contains “extra” goodies like comics, circulars, and mini-magazines. One of … Continue reading

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Today I had to make a difficult decision: was I going to honor the life of a former colleague at a memorial service, or celebrate the life of my husband by participating in his birthday plans?  Missing either event did … Continue reading

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For the lovers

A church near our house has a changeable message board on their front lawn, and every few days a new comment appears.  The statements offered are nearly always timely and clever, and I have laughed out loud at them more … Continue reading

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