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Beyond 101: Donate my hair*

(*and color my hair, and allow someone else to choose my hairstyle) I was born with a full head of hair.  At one month old I sported a lush black mop top; by the time I was two years old … Continue reading

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A delightful little manifesto

Recently a few people in my life have begun to toy with the idea of ‘creating’.  If you are also considering maybe putting pen to paper, or plunking around on an instrument, or testing out your vocal chords, or shaking … Continue reading

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#30: Become CPR/AED certified

My mom is an incredible woman. Among the many very wise things she did as a parent was infuse the spirit of caring, compassion, and volunteerism in my sister and I – through her words and her actions. Growing up, … Continue reading

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Not just another day at the office

Yesterday the company I work for held the annual fall all-company meeting.  At these massive productions, all of the senior executives deliver a formal, scripted speech summarizing various aspects of the business from the past six months (or so), as … Continue reading

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This morning at work I was handed a pretty challenging task.  I’ll spare you the details (they’re unimportant to the story, and probably uninteresting to most folks, anyway [*wink*]); suffice to say at 7:20 am my mind said, “Crap. Stef, … Continue reading

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Clarity amid the haze

At 7:15 am I left the house to go to a yoga class. Take a minute to bring into your mind’s eye whatever you think of when you hear the words “yoga class”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Got it?  Okay, … Continue reading

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