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Similarity amid diversity

One of the local grocery stores has an aisle dedicated to “ethnic” foods.  Various genres of staples, spices, and sweets each get a 4’ section of shelving – with no smooth transition from one to the next.  So Mexican tortillas … Continue reading

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A conversation overheard

At the grocery store this morning, I saw a 2-year-old boy race through down the produce aisle, spy a yellow summer squash, grab it, and excited yell to his mom, “na-NA-na!” while waving the vegetable at her. She calmly corrected … Continue reading

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A new shopping experience

The setting: A cash register/checkout at a store I had never visited (until today). The conversation: Cashier: Did you find everything okay? Me: Yes, thank you for asking. Cashier: Do you know about our rewards program? Me: No, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Cheeky chow

Today at the grocery store I had a few run-ins with some sassy foods. The ketchup kept hounding me, asking the same question again, and again, and again…. I don’t know, okay!  Let up already! Then the bean dip decided … Continue reading

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Um, what was that again?

Grocery shopping early on a weekday morning is a situation where young children are frequently present; and as such, is often an opportunity for me to observe something humorous, interesting, or touching.  Such was the case today. As I was … Continue reading

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Name game

I went to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription. When I looked inside the paper sleeve the bottle of pills came in (in order to extract the medicine and the medication fact sheet), I saw this advertisement had … Continue reading

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Just look up

I didn’t have the best day today.  Nothing tragic happened, I just had moderate annoyances sprinkled throughout the day (from waking up with shin pain; to getting caught in pouring rain – twice; to feeling indecisive about totally dinky and … Continue reading

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