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#58: Tour the Basilica

During my first visit to the city I now call home, I participated in a bus tour that drove past various landmarks and popular destinations.  As I saw sculpture gardens, art museums, theaters, and other well-known sites, I remember telling … Continue reading

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Progress in plain view

I spent the day at a Buddhist meditation/12-step recovery workshop hybrid.  The facilitator provided several dharma talks during our time together, led us in multiple guided meditations, and had us engage in a few mindful speaking/mindful listening exercises. One of … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon I accidentally cut my thumb.  It was just a nick, but it actually went a little-deep – I pierced a good 2-3 layers of skin.  The cut isn’t very long (1/8th of an inch or so), but it … Continue reading

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Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” It heartens me to know that amid unspeakable sadness and devastating loss, an equally powerful and comprehensive presence of love and compassion will … Continue reading

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Lay your hands on me

There are many hallmarks of a good yoga teacher.  Knowledge of poses – certainly.  Ability to create new, engaging, balanced sequences – sure.  Awareness of human anatomy – definitely.  Skill in verbally cuing individual students to move properly into and … Continue reading

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Changing perspectives

Today a person trusted me with many of their long-held, deeply personal, emotionally painful secrets.  We spent about two hours talking, discussing, exploring, reflecting; and at the end of our time together, the person was visibly changed.  Their shoulders were … Continue reading

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This evening I had an appointment; and is my custom, I arrived to the office about 10 minutes early.  As I sat in the waiting room, I decided to flip through one of the magazines lying on an end table.  … Continue reading

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So sleepy… but serene, too.

I stayed home from work today, and made a commitment to my body: I will do whatever you tell me to, if you promise me that you will work to heal. I feel like my body clapped its hands giddily, … Continue reading

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