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21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

A friend of mine posted a link to this blog on Facebook; and as I scrolled through the first few pictures on this post, a smile on my face grew. But as I continued viewing and reading, the casual smile … Continue reading

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Who said what?

Every Sunday morning my sweetie and I receive the newspaper at our home.  The bundle of information is nearly always full of national and local news – but it also contains “extra” goodies like comics, circulars, and mini-magazines. One of … Continue reading

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Beyond 101: Fund a Kickstarter project

Entrepreneurs make me smile.  I love people who feel passionately enough about something that they are compelled to take action towards it, and I love the combined sense of purpose + determination + delight that successful entrepreneurs are almost required … Continue reading

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#81: Give a microloan

(Advisory: The following post is not an overly happy, positive, or ‘typical’ entry for this blog.  Proceed at your own discretion.) I’m not exactly sure where I first learned of Kiva; I think it might have been through Springwise. (And … Continue reading

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My aching back, my grateful heart

My sweetie and I tease one another that we are both falling apart in our ‘old age’ – but sadly, there is some truth to this sentiment.  Apart from the active damage we each accidentally inflict on our bodies (him … Continue reading

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Senior service

Mid-afternoon I was walking from one work building to another when I came upon an elderly woman behind a walker, stopped at the top of an escalator.  She was looking forlornly down the steep, narrow, speedy moving staircase; and while … Continue reading

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More than just a bike

For the past several summers, I have contemplated getting a bicycle.  I owned a bike as a kid, and I adored it.  I would spend hours riding around the neighborhood; my bike was my first “set of wheels”, my first … Continue reading

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Lessons from a friend

A few weeks ago we got a new treadmill – and I have been thoroughly enjoying it.  While the store we purchased the machine from provided a delivery service (which we happily used), they did not offer a corollary take-away … Continue reading

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Charitable collector

Yesterday the city received about a foot of snow. Before leaving for his vacation, my sweetie cleared our driveway of the precipitation that had already fallen – so when I got home yesterday after work, I was able to drive … Continue reading

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