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Beyond 101: Go on a wellness vacation

For many, many years, I have fantasized about going on a spa vacation somewhere.  Spending a week or so sitting on a chaise in a plush white robe, getting my feet massaged while eating bon bons, looking at gorgeous views while … Continue reading

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#14: Participate in a drumming event

One of my earliest musical memories is of me sitting next to my mom on a blanket at an evening outdoor concert, watching a full symphony orchestra perform spirited works like “The William Tell Overture”. I remember feeling the ‘cannon’ … Continue reading

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Day in the life

I was all set to attend a meditation retreat today, yet as I drove to the center where the session was to occur, I encountered road construction.  The freeway that was supposed to take me to my desired location was … Continue reading

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Progress in plain view

I spent the day at a Buddhist meditation/12-step recovery workshop hybrid.  The facilitator provided several dharma talks during our time together, led us in multiple guided meditations, and had us engage in a few mindful speaking/mindful listening exercises. One of … Continue reading

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Quick PSA

Hi everyone, I’m going to be at a meditation retreat for the next several days, so I’m going to ‘off the grid’ as far as blogging, email, and technology are concerned. I should be back to the blog sometime in … Continue reading

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Lessons in generosity

This afternoon I went to a yoga class at a meditation center that I sometimes visit.  As the session came to a close, the teacher stated that the center runs entirely on a donation basis, and then explained the concepts … Continue reading

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Unlikely mindfulness

Driving downtown this afternoon, I found myself stopped at a red light behind this truck: While I don’t drink (and I am not encouraging alcohol consumption nor am I endorsing any brand by sharing this image), seeing this happy little … Continue reading

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Words speak; actions communicate.

I’m somewhat unconventional.  I believe in non-violence, radical acceptance, and minimal consumption, among other things.  And in a culture that can focus heavily on killing-for-sport, justice (often leaning towards vengeance), and consumerism, sometimes I stand in quiet opposition to people … Continue reading

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