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#43: Go to an ethnic supermarket I have never shopped at before

This weekend I was feeling a little bored, a little restless, mildly depressed, just uneasy in general… So to help keep myself from slipping into a funk, I decided to get off my tush, get out of the house, and … Continue reading

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Pleasant presence

This winter, I (and my fellow citizens) have been the lucky recipient(s) of mild weather (relatively speaking).  Days of single-digit temperatures have been sporadic versus standard, and snow accumulation to-date can be measured in inches instead of feet.  I have … Continue reading

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Another gratitude list

Today was a gratitude kind of day.  It was a more mild gratitude day than I’ve experienced in the past (today was a lower-level, just-need-an-attitude-tweak kind of a day), but it was a gratitude day nonetheless.  So, here’s my list … Continue reading

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A beautiful day for a stroll

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that it’s been four months since I last took a walk outside.  There was a point in my life when I took at least a 10 minute walk outside every day, regardless of the heat … Continue reading

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You rang?

Driving home after work today was a little bit depressing.  The ground was dirty and slushy from half-melted snow… the sky was more gray than blue, and kind of overcast… the sun was already setting, and it was only 4:30 … Continue reading

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Because the green bean told me so

The idea for this blog came to me yesterday.  Two factors have been converging in my life that have been nudging me towards wanting to create a new sharing space: I am recognizing many more small – but fun – … Continue reading

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