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Serendipity, Japan-style

I don’t think the word ‘vegan’ exists in Japanese. While my English-to-Japanese phrase book does have an entry that explicitly says, “I am a vegan”, I think the literal translation of “wa-ta-shi wa gen-ka-ku na sai-sho-ku-shu-gi-sha des” is more along … Continue reading

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Beyond 101: Attend the World Series of Poker

Yesterday my sweetie helped me complete #53 on my 101 list (to see a Las Vegas show). Since we spent the bulk of that day doing things on my agenda, I wanted to give my sweetie the opportunity to direct … Continue reading

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#53: See Cirque du Soleil the Blue Man Group

I first went to Las Vegas when I was 24 years old.  I made the trip to “Sin City” with my parents and sister, a few months after my younger sibling’s 21st birthday.  When I submitted my vacation request to … Continue reading

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Simplification & smiles

It seems so easy for my space to get cluttered by stuff.  Generally, I have too little space for too much stuff.  Too many articles of clothing, and not enough closet.  Too many books, and not enough shelves.  Too many … Continue reading

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A friend to the rescue

Today was a pretty crappy day.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say – by 5 pm, I wanted to punch something.  (And I’m not a violent person!)  Just so no one worries, let me confirm that I … Continue reading

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Kindness, meet strength

A few days ago I posted about one way to navigate the stresses of air travel (i.e., a good sense of humor). Today, I got to observe a different – but still amazing – encounter at the airport. A husband … Continue reading

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A good sense of humor

Air travel has become more stressful over the past several years; traveling during the big two holidays (i.e., Thanksgiving and Christmas) even more so.  And yet, once a year I find myself at the airport, with my sweetie and my … Continue reading

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